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More than just a chatbot

Cover all your business tasks
in dialogues

of employees completed the exit-interview successfully
of employees completed the exit-interview successfully
exit-interview HR chatbot
Self-service rate
Self-service rate
Customer Care chatbot with NLU to handle more than 120k user requiest monthly
7 weeks after launch - AI chatbot
28% conversion into survey completion
28% conversion into survey completion
concerning to the quality of onboardnig process
SAP SF integration for multiple days
Delivery Rate
Delivery Rate
Leadership program HR chatbot to engage new employees
1 week result
open rate
open rate
informational mailings to update potential customers on new product with a feature to book a demo
Chatbot for marketing
Conversion on screnneing interview
HR chatbot to hire new employees
are scheduling for the services via WhatsApp chatbot integrated with timetable
Chatbot for more than 100 service points
омниканальный найм кандидатов
Снижение трудозатрат call-центра на 32%, ускорение закрытия вакансии на 18%. Архитектура каскадного взаимодействия с кандидатами: голос + текс.
голосовой и текстовый бот-рекрутер
консультаций новых клиентов без участия человека
Умный NLU Чат-бот с интеграцией Chat2Desk для онлайн-образования
Чат-бот для консультирования клиентов

Online personal assistant
for every customer

Goal-oriented NLU and scripted chatbots to transform and speed up your customer service.
  • 24/7 omnichannel availability
  • Instant replies in a human-like manner
  • Easily connected to your CRM or other databases
where is my order?
hi, Dina! Your order should be arriving tomorrow

HR manager

Improve your HR efficiency taking chatbots to onboard and support employees, conduct health check-in surveys and exit interviews.
  • 24/7 HR manager
  • Chatbot orchestrator as a single point of contact to every HR bot
  • Seamless integration with HR systems and knowledge bases
how many vacation days do I have left?
hi, John! You have 6 days this year
do you want to take a vacation?

Hiring assistant
for mass recruitment

Accelerate your branding capabilities with chatbots interviewing thousands of candidates at once, scheduling interviews with the most relevant ones.
  • Fully automated inbound and outbound screening
  • In-dialogue promotion of your job openings
  • Follow-ups and reminders to ensure candidates attend interviews with HR managers
I've sent you my CV
when will we have an interview?
next Thursday at 2:00 p.m. :)

Responsible manager
for internal tasks

Infuse technology into repetitive business processes – ITSM, procurement, reimbursement of travel expenses, accounting.
  • All corporate messengers
  • Flexible integrations with your CRM, EPR, and other IT systems
  • Employee performance tracking
the printer is out of paper
should I make an order?
yes, sure
you're so helpful!

Outbound marketing

Chatbots initiate conversations, create broadcasts on all supported channels, connect to CRM to accumulate information. Do it all – newsletters and other marketing campaigns, appointment reminders, order status notifications.
it's time to broadcast
which messengers?
telegram + whatsapp
built-in connections:
WhatsappWhatsapp TelegramTelegram EdnaEdna JivoJivo WebimWebim
SAPSAP 1C1C bitrix24bitrix24 360dialog360dialog Chat2DeskChat2Desk
JiraJira SlackSlack RocketChatRocketChat

Chatbots enriched with human expertise

from idea to result
We uncover your pain points and bottlenecks
Develop standard or out-of-the-box solutions
Implement and support solutions, structure development plans
Riskless soft launch with minimal resources
Best practices in conversational UX design
Tangible result within first weeks
  • Ensuring launch success with KPIs
  • Proof-of-concept procedures
  • ROI & budgets for scalable projects

Unique features for bot development

Flexible GUI. SaaS, private cloud, on-premise or hybrid
Handle thousands of requests in seconds. Uptime 99.9%
Consulting and training to grow your in-house expertise
Unique features for bot development Unique features for bot development Unique features for bot development

Chatme AI platform:
create powerful chatbots
without coding

Powerful bot-building tool
Create bots using visual editor and chatbot templates.
AI chatbots with NLP
Bots recognize various languages, understand users' problems and solve them.
Conversational analytics
Monitor and analyze bot's activity, get insights for upgrade.
Menu and button-based chatbots
Create simple but productive chatbots in a few hours. No special skills needed.
Built-in integrations and API builder
Connect your bot with your system with couple clicks or use our visual API builder to create custom integration.
Interactive broadcast notifications
Send service and marketing notifications to your customers and provide following personalized interactions.
Solve problems efficiently
with Chatme AI community
create a bot for free

The final cost depends on the traffic volume, individual requests and type of service.

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